The Discovery

Raleigh Brewing is a family-owned brewery in Raleigh, NC. They have been in business since 2013 and are well known for their brand Hell Yes Maam - A Belgian style golden and First Squeeze, an American Wheat Ale with Blood Orange. Raleigh Brewing was looking to grow and enhance engagement with its brand using social media and other marketing strategies. They developed an in-house marketing team to focus on the brewery with locations in Raleigh, Cary, and the RDU Airport.

The Analysis

We analyzed Raleigh Brewing’s marketing strategy and established that the brand needed a creative bolster. With the amount of opportunity for the local brewery in a budding downtown Raleigh community, we knew that increasing the creativity on our social media feed and through our various campaigns would engage an array of young professionals that we’re flocking to the area.

The Building

The building process of assembling a brand-friendly, vibrant, creative, and engaging brand started with my role as a content creator. We began taking advantage of our Saturday Small Batch opportunity. This was a weekly small batch release from our production brew team where we, the marketing team, would take the idea of the small batch release and plan and assemble dynamic and engaging pieces of content to release for our social media followers and email subscribers.

Some of those Saturday small batches went a little like this: Get the small batch name from the brew team and come up with some ideas using Pinterest, Unsplash, and design inspiration.


Untitled design (17).png



These photos began to become the identity of Raleigh Brewing, which is best known for its beer. As a content creator, I made it a point to put the beer at the forefront of the brand while simultaneously emphasizing creativity.

This led to some of our most successful social posts to date, and the campaigns and efforts culminated in some of our most incredible and profitable years. Coming out of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic put a big dent in taproom traffic, so for us to have some of our best years during this time showed our ability to adapt for profitability.

The Learning

We learned that there is a way to use creativity to position your brand on social media and identify with new demographics/customers.