The Discovery

Similarly to Atlantic Brew Supply, ABS Commercial is a Production Brewing Equipment Manufacturer and Outfitter. This brand needed to establish its identity to differentiate itself in the marketplace.

The Analysis

Similarly to Atlantic Brew Supply, this brand needed to establish its identity to differentiate itself in the marketplace. We needed to make our identity distinct and we established that we would have to do that by creating a creative aesthetic on social media and to use throughout our branding.

The Building

Given that Raleigh Brewing and ABS Commercial were under the same roof, it gave me access to Raleigh Brewing’s production brewery and taproom to help establish the brand and identity of ABS Commercial. After a few conversations with general managers, ownership, and a few sales representatives, we confirmed that our company's brand identity was “We Are Brewers” choosing this slogan because most of our sales team were former brewers in some capacity. Hence, we know our customers' pain points and essential needs on many fronts. I began using Raleigh Brewing’s production brew facility as my playground capturing action photos of the brewers working on the brewhouses, canning lines, and keg washing machines. In my editing process, I established a high contrast feel to highlight or professionalism while highlighting our incredible-looking stainless steel equipment.

The Learning

We learned that establishing a brand identity was important. Still, I believe the more important part was the actual process of confirming that brand identity, that is, through consistency in messaging, creativity, customer service, marketing, etc. We positioned ourselves as industry leaders by looking and behaving like it. This ultimately resulted in our best year in revenue to date in 2022.

The Media




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